Feature-rich 401k at Affordable Cost

I run a small carpentry workshop at home. I want a 401k plan that is pocket friendly but gives me more than a bare bones version. In particular, I want good security and sufficient investment options. Am I asking for the impossible?-Alfred J. Ryals, 3912 Pleasant Hill Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Alfred, you are definitely not asking for the impossible! In fact, you are just trying to make sure that you have a perfectly adaptable 401k that safeguards your savings in the best possible way. What you should look for is a plan that offers you a good choice of no- load mutual funds so that you effectively diversify your investment. In addition, you should also be ensuring that the plan you choose is not pricey when compared to similar plans in the market.

Today, there are many such plans available for small business owners like you. At http://www.401keasy.com/, you will find that ‘ultra low cost’ means no surprises in the form of hidden fees, commissions and asset-based charges. Since 401k Easy also gives you an unlimited choice of  no- load mutual funds to pick your favorites from, this could be the best option for you. Its 401k is feature packed and you are sure to find right here all the functionalities that big company plans usually have, with the bonus that you can get them all within your budget. Don’t hesitate to compare prices with other plans before you make your choice.

Another aspect to check when you are doing your comparison shopping is whether all the 401k suites on your ‘list of possibles’ give you great security features. The 401k Easy plan comes with secure online administration. This makes the plan doubly attractive because you don’t want sensitive personal information about your retirement savings strategy leaking out into cyberspace or among your competitors.

While you are at it, do check out if a demo version is available so that you can actually get a hands- on feel for the 401k suite. You can check for yourself if it is easy to use, intuitive and clutter free. Remember that you will need to update information on a monthly basis. A complicated 401k package will need a lot of time and effort-investment month after month simply to plug in the latest figures. That can get really tedious after a while and the extra complications only increase the risk of human errors cropping up. Go for simplicity, security and a good range of investment options.

401Ks for the Smallest of Small Businesses

I run a small electronics store where I employ less than 5 people. Is my business too small for a 401k? – Joan Mello, Arkansas.

Actually, a 401K plan is meant for businesses of any size. You can even open a 401K retirement plan if your small business only employs you and your spouse. This kind of 401K is called a solo plan. But for your ‘less than five employees’ electronics store, you can open a regular 401K plan. As yours will not be a solo plan, you also qualify for the $500 IRS tax credit for the first three years. This credit is available for all businesses that employ less than 100 people and have costs exceeding $1000.

You can set up a profit sharing or contribution match system to get some more tax advantages. All your contributions to your employee’s 401K plan are deductible for tax purposes.

Setting up and administering your 401K plan has become really easy now. There are many reliable software suites, including those from the likes of http://401keasyonline.com/, which offer comprehensive solutions for just this purpose. Simply sign up with them online, and you can set up and manage your 401K plan online or choose a PC based suite in line with your preferences. No matter which one you opt for, all you need to do is spend a few minutes on payday for each of your five employees, updating their 401k plan records and you are done. The software takes care of the record keeping and managing tasks. Choose one of these options and set up a 401K plan for your electronics store right away to start saving on tax.