401K Tools for Offsite Employees

My data entry business employs people who work from their homes. How do I make the 401K plan accessible to them when they need to track their contributions or view account balance?- Edward Burns, Buffalo

Several 401K providers give you the choice between an offline 401K plan and an online one. The offline plan is one that is housed on your desktop PC. Employees who work at your office may access the plan using the LAN and you can administer the plan on your desktop with ease. But, for your data entry business, a plan that is offline will not be accessible to those employees who work away from office or offsite. An online 401K plan is what you need. This plan is hosted on the provider’s server and it is accessible irrespective of where you are. Every offsite employee can access his plan details from his home or work location.

You can sign up for a comprehensive online 401K plan suite with a reliable provider like http://small401k.com. This plan is hosted on a server that is protected with high level security measures so that the sensitive information you and your employees store regarding the plan is kept perfectly confidential at all times. You and your employees can view your plan details, check account balance, change investment preferences and carry out a range of other administrative tasks on the 401K with just a few clicks from the comfort of your home. The offline version may be lower priced than the online one but the convenience more than makes up for this difference.

Make sure that you choose a well established and trustworthy provider for your online plan. This will get you all these benefits as well as top notch security for your small business 401K plan.